Handmade soaps

Baby Soft - $5.00/each
One of the most moisturizing bars I have with added Shea Butter, Castor Oil, and Calendula Petals infused in the Olive Oil. Unscented, uncolored, very mild and gentle. Especially for babies but anyone can enjoy!
We suggest as Oatmeal Honey as a substitute.


Christmas Memories - $5.00/each
Bring the smell of Christmas into your home with this blend of Scotch Pine, Cinnamon and Mandarin Essential Oils. Seasonal only.

This item is no longer available.


Cinnamon Spice - $5.00/each
A mildly spicy bar with clay to make a great shaving soap. Give to the guys in your life.


Earth Medley - $5.00/each
A floral, earthy and citrus blend. Reminds me of the outdoors.


French Lavender - $5.00/each
French Green Clay, a marvelous clay for skin. French lavender is just luxurious!


Lavender Oatmeal - $5.00/each
The best relaxant I know, a hot bath with Lavender scented soap. Enjoy!


Lemon-Lime - $5.00/each
For all you citrus lovers. This is the perfect blend for you.


Oatmeal-Honey - $5.00/each
A blend of oatmeal and honey along with sweet spices. A very traditional wholesome bar of soap.


Patchouly - $5.00/each
A must for all those Patchouly fans out there. Gotta have it!


Peppermint - $5.00/each
A definite “wake me up”. Stimulating and refreshing!


Spearmint - $5.00/each
A sweet alternative to Peppermint, try Spearmint to brighten your day.


Spring Rain - $5.00/each
A favorite among all customers. One of my most popular scents among men.


Citrus Rose Cream - $6.00
4 oz.
A very popular product. A luxuriously soft face cream lightly scented with rose water, Ylang Ylang and Orange Essential Oils.

Delicately Soft Cream - $9.75
8 oz.
Same luxurious cream as Citrus Rose Cream but without the scent containing ingredients. If you want a luxurious cream that is unscented, this is it.


Lavender Hand Lotion - $6.50
4 oz.

Soothing Salve

Soothing Salve- $5.00
A wonderful healing combination of oils, herbs and essential oils. Soothing salve has been used for burns, dry skin, eczema and even diaper rash. In an extremely convenient roll-up tube. Take it anywhere!

Lip Balms  

My best lip balm ever. With a trace of Shea Butter, this will sooth and nourish your dry chapped lips. Available in four flavors; Vanilla Frost, Berrylucious, Winter Fresh, and So Simple


Winter Fresh Lip Balm - $3.75


Vanilla Frost Lip Balm - $3.75


Berrylucious Lip Balm - $3.75


So Simple Lip Balm - $3.75

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