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NEW!! Soaper's Dozen - $30.00
If you need the perfect gift, here are 13-1/2 bars of my most popular scented natural soaps. Enjoy them all, one at a time.
Soaper's Dozen includes: Anise Surprise, Christmas Memories, Cinnamon Spice, Earth Medley, Foot Smoothie, Lavender Oatmeal, Lemon-Lime, Oatmeal honey, Orange Blossom, patchouly, Peppermint, Shea Lavender and Spring Rain.


NEW!! Half Stack - $15.00
By request, a smaller 'stack' of my 100% natural soaps is now available. Six – 1/2 size bars just waiting to be enjoyed.
Half Stack includes: Shea Lavender, Spring Rain, Lavender Oatmeal, Lemon-Lime, Cinnamon Spice and Orange Blossom.


‘Bunch of Lavender’ Sampler Set - $9.00
Lavender lovers everywhere will love this sampler. This set includes Shea Lavender, Lavender Oatmeal, French Lavender and Lavender-Peppermint.


‘For Men Only’ Sampler Set - $9.00
Soaps most purchased by my men customers. This set includes Earth Medley, Cinnamon Spice, Soft Cedar Scrub and Peppermint.


‘Our Favs’ Sampler Set - $9.00
A mix of four of my popular natural soaps. This set includes Shea Lavender, Spring Rain, Lemon-Lime and Oatmeal-Honey.


‘Simple Skin’ Sampler Set - $9.00
For those with sensitive skin, this is the perfect set to start out with. This set includes Oatmeal-Honey, Baby Soft, Plain & Simple, Shea Lavender


Little Hands Set - $5.00
Finally soaps just the right size for those little hands in the house. Instead of melting away your soap, the little ones can have their very own soaps. Bag includes a variety of soaps approximately 1/4 size of a regular bar, approximately 7 oz.


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